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At Roaring 21 Casino what stood out the most for me was their absolutely enormous choice of slots. One thing that was quite exciting is that you could choose between 3 or 6 reel slots, to which I gave both of them a try. Quite the display of fun I had. There was an endless supply of them too. Recently, the Casino’s I’ve been on have about up to ten slots that I can try at a time, but at Roaring 21 I had to keep scrolling for some time until I reached the bottom.

There were no promotions at roaring 21, but that’s only because they were named something differently. Instead of promotions they were named coupons, and I guess that’s how they handle their promotions – through coupons. I liked them though, some of the coupons were simply jaw dropping. 300% on any deposit of btc? That sounds really quite convincing to me.

Again, this casino accepts Bitcoin, and this was a green light in my mind. I don’t like my bank having details on what I do for enjoyment, so being able to deposit in Bitcoin was absolutely a heavy plus for me.

What’s good about Roaring 21 Casino?

Slots: There is a wide array of slots here to choose from. Not only 3 reeled slots, but 6 reeled ones too. What I liked best about this was that the choice was amazing. I literally had to scroll down my screen quite a bit to go through all of them. An absolute wealth of choice which was really nice. 7 stripes was my favourite to play. It was the first on the screen and I had quite the fun time playing with it. Please make sure that your browser supports flash, or you won’t be able to play them.

Promotions: As I said in the previous section, I was quite enamoured by the wealth and variety of coupons this place had. I could deposit via Bitcoin and get 300% of my deposit as a bonus. That was quite mouth watering to have all that free money to play with. There are even coupons you can use up to five times per day. I was a different way of doing it, but I must say I liked it.

Table games: A very nice assortment of table games. Blackjack and all the old favourites. Missing roulette though which I was scratching my head at. Nevertheless, these were super fun to play through. I used the demo functions first though because what I’ve found is that every Casino has a different set up, and this was no different. It took a while for me to figure out all of this properly.

What’s Not good about roaring 21?

I couldn’t find anything wrong. Perhaps it would be nice to see some roulette in the table games. I looked hard and long for this but couldn’t find a hint of it anywhere. Maybe this was just me? It seemed strange to miss out roulette. However, this didn’t detract from the experience at Roaring 21 casino whatsoever.


Roaring 21 allows Bitcoin deposits which I was very pleased to see. Visa and Mastercard (as most Casino’s do), and also there’s an option to use Neteller or skrill, which are payment processors. Easy banking. I was able to deposit and withdraw without any problems whatsoever.

My Rating?

9/10. A very solid 9. What really blew me away about this casino was the speed in which my actions were accepted. Only had I just clicked on a choice and literally in microseconds it had returned what I wanted. I really enjoyed the slots variety to. What stopped it from getting a 10 out of 10 was not being able to find roulette. Perhaps I’m being too nit-picky, but I don’t believe in perfection, I do however, believe in close to perfection, and Roaring 21 Casino was just that.

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