Casino Extreme Bitcoin Review – Super Fast Payouts

Casino Extreme Bitcoin Review – Super Fast Payouts

Casino Extreme Review – Crypto’s Galore

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My initial thought about Casino extreme when I first landed on its front page was, “wow.” Not only was I presented with beautiful aesthetics but there was awesome animation in there too. I couldn’t but help myself browse through every piece of this website just to see what it had in store for me next. It’s was eye catching, exciting, and most importantly looked professionally made. At Casino Extreme this is the sort of graphics I expect when visiting an online casino. It was very nicely done.

Casino Extreme seems a cut above the rest when it comes to banking and gambling because they accept Bitcoin. But not just Bitcoin, seven other popular cryptocurrencies. I’ve never actually seen another casino that has more than three ways to deposit crypto which also has traditional banking options along side it. Usually it’s all or nothing, and perhaps one or two. Casino Extreme blows that out of the water, and me too for that matter.

Casino Extreme also had another feature that I had never seen before alongside a casino and that was an actual magazine. Yes, not only can you play games and spend your crypto here, but you can read their magazine about upcoming events and features. That was pretty amazing in my eyes.

What’s Good about casino extreme?

Slots: The slots are really quite something else. I tried Pulsar for what seemed like ten minutes but was actually two hours. Then after that I tried one or two others. There is a wide variety of slots here; more than enough to test your stamina if you were to give them a go. This is one thing I absolutely enjoyed about this casino. The music was really immersive on the slots too. I really liked how the music blended in with what was happening.

Banking: Like I said earlier, there is literally 8 ways to deposit cryptocurrency in this casino. That’s more than I’ve ever seen, ever. Of course, I’ve seen a bazillion ways on cryptocurrency focused casino’s but that’s something different entirely. There is only one or the other, not an amalgamation of both, and Casino Extreme expertly nails it.

Support: Need support? They are literally a button away. On the bottom right hand of your screen there is a section for support which you can ask them any question that you would like to, and they will answer it back straight away in no time at all, and with pleasantry. Or at least that was my experience anyway

Anything bad about this Casino?

Nothing, nada, nil. From the expertly crafted website design from when I came in, to the completely immersive slot machines I could not find anything at all wrong with this casino whatsoever. Believe me, I did try and find something wrong. I really did.


Well, you’ve already heard what I thought about the banking. Expert. I tried to deposit two types of crypto to test it out and both were fine. I used Bitcoin and some dash for fun, and what do you know? Easily deposited. I was able to withdraw easily too. Traditional methods are also accepted such as credit card deposits, and also an option for payment processors such as Neteller and Skrill.

My Rating?

10/10. I didn’t think I’d ever give this out but here we are today giving a solid 10 to casino extreme. There was no singular instance that tipped it over the edge, it was just all a completely immersive and extremely enjoyable experience.

Zane Halbur is a gambling writer with a passion for the industry. He has been writing about casinos, gaming, and everything in between for over six years. When he's not pounding away at the keyboard, you can find him playing poker or blackjack at his local casino.

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