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The first thing that hits you when you enter cherry jackpot casino is the beautiful homepage. If you’ve read my work before then you’ll know I like it when a Casino is aesthetically pleasing, and I am more likely to stay longer. Cherry Jackpot Casino more than hits the mark with this. In fact, I was super impressed by my first impressions.

At first what jumped out at me straight away was the massive jackpots to be had. The number that struck me was over 9 million dollars. Isn’t that a lovely number? Yes, if you’re into jackpots then this is definitely the site for you, which is more than enough to sink your teeth into. Just don’t try and bite more off than you can chew. Gamble responsibly!

I was also thankful that Bitcoin was accepted here because this is my preferred mode of depositing. Casino’s are also heavy on bonuses for those that are willing to deposit some Bitcoin. If you’ve tried it before then I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. Cherry Jackpot Casino would be an easy choice for me knowing that I could use my bitcoin.

What’s good about Cherry Jackpots?

Jackpots of course. The humungously massive jackpots to be won on here. I’m currently (as we speak) playing Aztecs Millions trying to get a bite, and the total jackpot for this slot is over 3 million dollars. Could you just imagine what you would do with that kind of money? There are quite a few games on here promoting high wins. It’s definitely enough to get yourself stuck in.

Slots. This is another casino where I nearly gave up scrolling trying to reach the end of the slot games they have to offer. If anything, one of their biggest selling points is the wide variety of slot games with HUGE jackpots to be had. I played stardust for a long time and I really enjoyed myself. The ways to win were incredible, and the jackpots huge.

Speciality Games. I had absolutely hours of fun on Banana Jones. It’s something that you’d not quite expect to see, but out of curiosity I gave it a whirl and boy was I impressed. It was just a simple fun game, yet I came away with a good $50 in total after playing this one. Lots of fun, and I stuck at it whilst I was down on money.

What’s Bad about Cherry Jackpot Casino.

Nothing at all. Nada. I enjoyed every minute of this, and this is another Casino that I will bookmark for the future. Perhaps if you want me to mention something that could be better then I would say that support is only reachable via email, and I prefer it when there’s a support box, or a contact number to call. It’s just faster and easier that way and I prefer to have things done immediately.


Banking was swift and smooth. Like any Casino that allows Bitcoin to be deposited I had it showing in my balance in no time at all. And I was able to withdraw it whenever I wanted to as well. You can also use traditional methods such as credit card, and also Neteller and Skrill.

My Rating?

8/10. A solid 8. To be fair the only having support reachable by email lets the score down a fair bit. I always like the option to contact support immediately because when money is involved it’s always nice to know that it’s safe and you have someone that’s there taking care of it. Apart from that the visuals, the jackpots and the slots more than makes up for it – and I’m absolutely willing to bet that I come back here for another wild ride with Banana Jones.

Zane Halbur is a gambling writer with a passion for the industry. He has been writing about casinos, gaming, and everything in between for over six years. When he's not pounding away at the keyboard, you can find him playing poker or blackjack at his local casino.

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