Vegas Crest Bitcoin Casino Review – Best All Around Casino!

Vegas Crest Bitcoin Casino Review – Best All Around Casino!

Vegas Crest Casino Review

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The first thing that caught my eye with Vegas Crest Casino was the absolutely massive Jackpots available here. Well into the six figures. Of course, I didn’t win any, but it didn’t stop me from trying from several fronts.

Vegas Crest Casino is a very smooth, simplistic and easy to use platform. My first thoughts when trying it was that the navigation system was top notch, and I also liked the sticky menu’s – where they scrolled down the screen no matter where I was in the page. Not many Casino’s do that, and I must admit I liked it.

Also, Vegas Crest accepts Bitcoin, which is an easy to use alternative currency, and it’s mainly the reason why I’m happy to give it a whirl and test it out. I’m not a fan of having my bank knowing what I’m up to in my spare time, so I prefer to use Bitcoin for a bit of fun.

Let’s talk about what’s good

Slots: As always, with these types of casino’s the slots are always top notch, and a lot are unique. Vegas Crest does not fail to perform in this area. Again, I am presented with a wide selection of slots I have never played before, and I’m only too eager to get my head stuck into them. My favourite was total overdrive. Mainly because it looks very retro 80’s, and I’m a sucker for anything from that era.

Search functionality: I have to mention this here because I haven’t seen it anywhere else. In Vegas Crest you are able to search for your favourite provider. So if you like a particular game, and are interested to know more about the other games created by the same people then you can do this here. Which I thought was really cool. Out of all the casino’s I’ve tried in the past and present, this was the only one that I’ve seen that does this.

Scratch Cards: They have Scratch Cards here. I’m a big fan of scratch cards so I was super excited to see them on Vegas Crest. Quite a novelty to play with this in an online method. At glance there was eleven to choose from, but me being me, I only chose one of them. I chose berry picker because of the retro letters. However, I would have went for anything that had a Leprechaun in it. But it wasn’t to be. Aesthetics are super important to me when playing in a casino.

Promotions: Another casino hot on promotions is this one. There was literally too many to chose from, and a lovely display of healthy sign up bonuses for when I eventually signed up and gave Vegas Crest a whirl. I chose myself 20 Bitcoin spins. It was an option I had available because I deposited with Bitcoin.

Anything not so good?

No. In fact I find it a rarity these days to come across anything bad with an established online casino. They have the resources at hand to continually test the user experience to the fullest, to make sure that it is maximised. And Vegas Crest was no exception in this. I had a really good and enjoyable time whilst I was using it. Nothing bad immediately jumped up at me at all.

Banking? What’s that like?

Well, with Vegas Crest there’s quite a few options here. I could use Bitcoin if I wanted to, which is absolutely my preferred option. Because obviously I like to have a gamble without my bank prying into my business. You can top up via Neteller or Skrill which are both online payment processors, or you can take the more traditional route and top up via credit card. I had absolutely zero problems depositing or withdrawing.

Final Review – what score?

8/10. A solid 8 out of 10. Whilst I really enjoyed the options made available to me, and that a lot of them were entirely unique, I still would have liked to seem a bit more variety and choice. Essentially, I’m saying more games please!! Because the experience that I had on Vegas Crest Casino was a really good one, and that would have only been amplified with more choice.

A good place to gamble.

Zane Halbur is a gambling writer with a passion for the industry. He has been writing about casinos, gaming, and everything in between for over six years. When he's not pounding away at the keyboard, you can find him playing poker or blackjack at his local casino.

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