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When joining Miami Casino Club, the first thing that strikes me head on is the fact that it feels like something that would have come straight out of Miami; the bright neon lights, the rich club-like writing, the deep purples and whites. Everything about this Casino screams exclusive club. Intrigued, I delved in further.

The second thing that struck me as gold was the literal wealth of promotions available to me before and after sign up. One exclusive sign up that caught my eye was a 20-40% bonus on every time you deposit every day. That screamed too good to be true for me, so I tried it to see for myself, and here we are. I’m literally getting bonuses on every deposit I make. Amazing huh? Of course, there is a wager requirement to make so make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Cryptocurrency is accepted here! Amazing isn’t it? How quickly Casinos are moving in the world of technology. Here at Miami Club Casino you can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin to deposit your crypto. I liked this because I am a heavy cryptocurrency user and like to keep the traditional banking establishments in the dark.

What’s good about this place?

Banking: Miami Club Casino goes above and beyond traditional banking methods; you can actually send in a check here. Yep, whilst you are whisked away with the wonders of technology by depositing some of the best new-money the world has to offer, you can also stay right in the stone age by sending them a check. I liked this to be honest. Something for everyone.

Slots: There is quite an array of slots here to sink your teeth into, and, if you are a little unsure on how to play the games you can have a demo try. I always like when I have the option to essentially “try before I buy” because sometimes it helps understand the reels that you are playing. Just a disclaimer: The demo game is not real money.

Table Games: All the old classics here. From Blackjack to European Roulette. Make sure you give those demo options a play so you don’t go in blind because there is an element of skill involved in the table games, and if you end up like me on my very first time playing them I didn’t know if I was coming or going and lost some of my money.

What’s Not good about Miami Club Casino?

I actually don’t have anything bad to say here. The sign up process was smooth; the depositing of my money was even smoother, and all of the games were extremely fun to play. I tried to pick out something bad, but I really couldn’t.


Well, as I said earlier, I was able to deposit, and also withdraw, and I had zero problems whatsoever. This casino is unique in the sense that it allows you to send a check to their account to be topped up. I expect that check would take a while to appear, but alas, it’s an option. The casino also provides for any other major way to deposit, from 3 cryptocurrencies, to skrill and neteller.

My Review score?

9/10. I enjoyed this casino very much. I was also enamoured by the fact that it has options for anyone to deposit into it. From crypto enthusiasts, to credit card holders. This was a really big plus for me. Also, the fact that I was earning up to 40% on all my daily deposits was a good win for me too. Definitely a good casino.

Zane Halbur is a gambling writer with a passion for the industry. He has been writing about casinos, gaming, and everything in between for over six years. When he's not pounding away at the keyboard, you can find him playing poker or blackjack at his local casino.

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